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About Us

I grew up among creative people and strongly influenced by my hugely talented Mum. Like her, I am aesthetically dependent and ‘just so’ has always been our way of life. When colour, detail and shape align my heart sings and for me there is nothing more fulfilling. Growing up in the New Forest, I spent my childhood captivated by its wild flowers and astonished by nature’s magical beauty; primroses nestling on chubby green leaves, snowdrops sprouting from mossy banks, mystical forest floors carpeted with bluebells, stoney church paths lined with Narcissi trumpets, Rhododendron bushes decorated in magenta jewels.

Catkin & Pussywillow is the amalgamation of a reclaimed childhood, aesthetic indulgences and more grown-up ambitions fuelled by living, learning, loving and working in London for over a decade. Returning to Winchester with few pennies, I wanted to open a community space, providing a service that harnesses something important to people, where our customers are the shop and let our flowers be a memorable part of life’s precious moments.

Flower shops, like bakers, are one of the last traditional retailers, where our product is patiently crafted by skilled Flower mongers onsite. This stubbornness wards against the hustle of modern day and offers opportunity to step back to a simpler, slower, less fleeting pace. Be it flowers received on your doorstep, part of a special day or simply enjoying the heady scents when visiting the store, we hope you get a glimpse of our aspiration.

Ellie x