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Our adventures in floristry...

What is the newest status bouquet? Everlasting flowers

Ever thought how you could create a more unusual, longer lasting floral display? One that’s slightly more environmentally friendly and offers a dramatic effect, pops of gorgeous colour and a stunning look all year round?

There’s real impact in a beautiful display of everlasting, dried flowers. And no, we don’t mean the muted, dusty dried flowers Grandma used to display on the sideboard! Anyone that’s seen the Catkin & Pussywillow everlasting floral displays in our shops will know why… you’ll see plenty of texture, colour, shape and structure.

Dried flowers Everlasting flowers

We like to keep an enticing range of everlasting flowers and interest has boomed recently, particularly as a longer-term solution for brightening a home or workspace. Pampas grass even made it onto a recent Sunday Times style barometer! The perfect antithesis to those grey autumn days and the night’s drawing in.

The real benefit of everlasting, dried flowers is the colour they offer. A true creative, our founder Ellie is hugely guided by the work of American landscape photographer Ansel Adams’Ellie originally studied photography and this theory guides many aspects of her life - especially her flowers!

“It’s important when you have dusky tones to add the contrast of a tone that catches the light, to add that pop of colour. It really gets my goat when colours look flat. It’s hard to teach, but over the years I have thought long and hard about how to make sure colour delivers. It’s basically the rainbow between light and dark, ying and yang.”

Rightly or wrongly, we’re so driven by the visual impact of our online presence. Making sure the latest photo or Insta’ post looks just right. What’s trending now is a real shift from the way flowers looked in the 1980s. So, to set the scene with a more unusual, longer-lasting dramatic array of everlasting flowers is really satisfying.

And, with so many people spending more time working from home, plants and dried flowers offer an inexpensive way to green or colour-up a space that’s become a bit vanilla. 

Dried flowers are simple to care for, but they won’t stay the same forever. Here’s a few tips to keep them stunning for longer:

Our top tips for dried flower care:

  1. Handle gently and sparingly, they’re fragile and delicate
  2. Please don’t water!
  3. Dust by gently blowing or using a feather duster - hold the stem with one hand while you gently dust with the other
  4. Avoid direct sunlight - it can make the colours fade faster
  5. Avoid humid spots - it can make them become moist
  6. Lightly lacquer for longer lasting displays
  7. Display indoors in a room with good airflow
  8. Keep away from tiny hands, pets and piping hot radiators
  9. Try not to move them around too much
  10. Avoid contact with fabric in case flower dye transfers.

Catkin & Pussywillow offers a wide selection of dried flowers to brighten your home and workspace. If you want to find out more, please search our online range or email