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Stems of the month: June

This month’s selection features stems from our Home Grown collection of bouquets. In support of British flowers week (which we are running with for the entire month) the collection is inspired by the nostalgia of beautiful British varieties: we are using locally grown stems in our arrangements wherever possible this month. Overflowing with sweet williams, scabiosa, catmint and sweet scented peonies. We've picked out a few of our favourites to feature...

Scabiosa caucasica

A popular cottage garden plant with delicate, frilly petals surrounding a pincushion centre…hence their common name, Pincushion flower. Adored by Butterflies and Bee's, we love including these pretty stems in our arrangements.

Veronica 'White Wands'

Breathtaking tall white spikes with their showy blossom and sweet nectar are the perfect choice for us to create height and dimension to our summer bouquets. Making their appearance in early summer, these flowers can typically be around until autumn.

Nigella damascena 'Love-in-a-Mist'

With its wispy, tangle of ferny, fennel-like foliage that forms a mist around the flowers, this wildflower helps give Nigella damascena its romantic name – Love in a Mist. Arriving in late Spring, these are a firm favourite of ours as they perfectly complement so many spring / summer stems. You'll find it in our home grown collection designed in support of British Flowers Week. 

Little Titch Catmint

A delicate aromatic, greeny-grey foliage topped by short spikes of lavender-blue flowers. These look absolutely glorious included in our home grown arrangements this month.