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Our adventures in floristry...

Stems of the Month: January

Scabious Seed Heads
These can be used in almost any bouquet. We love the subtle pattern, almost leopard print, as well as the depth the dark brown adds to a bouquet, especially when combined in contrast with paler focal flowers. They're a really great stem to help add different levels to the structure of a bouquet, and they dry really well so it's always worth holding on to them after the rest of the bouquet has seen better days. 

Wax Flower Moon Light Delight
A go-to, pretty filler flower that adds interest and texture to any winter bouquet. It's also really beautiful on mass on its own. There are many varieties of wax flower, but we particularly love the un-uniform uniformity of Moon Light Delight. The flowers are the biggest of all wax flower and almost cartoon-like in shape.

Dried Pampas Grass
Making a come-back in the past years, its what we call a line flower and is a really great stem for adding some structure to our ever-popular front facing bouquets. It's one of those flowers, like beautiful hair, that people want to touch, and that texture adds an allure to the bouquet.