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Stems of the Month: February

Everyone loves the arrival of spring, but as florists, perhaps we love it even more than most; the promise of the warmer months ahead and the welcome return of many of our favourite stems. This month’s selection features just a few of them, perfectly capturing the relaxed beauty of spring’s flowers.

Parrot Tulip
Probably our favourite variety of tulip, known for its large irregular shaped flowerhead and frilly edged petals that are said to resemble the ruffled feathers of a tropical parrot. Available from October through to June, they’re at their peak now and look wonderful either massed on their own or combined with other spring flowers. Be aware that they continue to grow in water, so if you decide to arrange them with other flowers, it’s a good idea to recess them very slightly to account for new growth.

From the Ranunculaceae family, the name anemone comes from the Greek 'anemos' meaning wind and 'mone' meaning habitation, explaining its common name, windflower. Grown in Italy and Israel, they’re available from November through to April and make a great focal point in any bouquet or vase arrangement with their dark velvety centres and layers of delicate papery petals. As such, we particularly love using them in wedding flower design, though they do require a reasonable level of care – their incredibly delicate petals are easily bruised or torn and they're particularly thirsty flowers so need regular topping up of water.

A new variety has emerged in the last few years called Scabious Scoop and we're big fans. They're named on account of they're large, fluffy central ball, reminiscent of a scoop of ice cream as opposed to the buttons of traditional varieties. They provide great texture and they’re excellent vase life makes them a great addition to any vase arrangement or bouquet.