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Stem of the Month: November

Chrysanthemums, sometimes called mums, chrysanths or even xanths, belong to the Asteraceae family and come in a huge number of different varieties, with new ones coming along all the time.

They get their name from the Greek words ‘chrysos’ which means gold and 'anthemon' which means flower, and are one of the oldest known flowers, dating back to the 15 century BC when they were grown as flowering herbs by the Chinese. 

Most types of this cut flower are available all year round, though our favourite varieties come through at this time of year and make up for the sadness of dahlia season coming to an end. We especially love the bronze and dusky red shades that lend themselves so well to autumnal arrangements.

Chrysanthemums are somewhat underrated yet they're hugely versatile, budget-friendly and very long-lasting. They can be mixed and matched with flowers of all seasons, while the larger, blousier varieties look fabulous en masse. Just re-cut the stems and display in deep water, ensuring no foliage comes into contact with the water.

When it comes to weddings they are a great filler flower for large arrangements and can make a wedding budget go that little bit further. They also look great in an autumnal buttonhole or posy.