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Stem of the Month: October

Kangaroo Paw also known as Anigozanthos is native to Australia and has a paw-like structure, hence the name. They attract birds in their native country with their tubular hairy coating and strong colours.

It was introduced as a plant to the UK back in 1833 in just two colours, but is now widely available in pastel shades of silver and pale pink though it’s best known in its fiery colours of ochre, amber, red and rust.

Kangaroo Paw are long-lasting flowers as they don’t mind the heat. They work well in a mixed bouquet or arrangement due to their stiff structure, yet they always give a delicate point of difference to your flowers that you will find difficult to get from most other varieties. Kangaroo Paw is also perfect for mini bouquet style buttonholes due to their native climate as they’ll last all day without water.