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Our adventures in floristry...

Stem of the Month: January

We honestly love every variety of hellebore, mainly because of their bowed heads and delicate form, and though they may not have the presence or stature of a rose, they are a subtle, elegant and natural beauty. Our favourite varieties are the Queens Red with its deep plum tones that work well with pale and tawny pinks as well as pale blues. The Queens Double White is another which has a beautiful burgundy fleck, along with an extra flurry of scalloped petals, and the Pink Orientalis appears as if it’s been delicately brushed with water colours.

Admittedly, hellebores are not the easiest of flowers to work with due to their delicate nature, shorter stem length and a flower head that cannot always be persuaded to face in the right direction! That said, we love its natural, independent streak and it lends itself en mass as well as solo in a small jug or jar. Alternatively, a few stems in a small mixed posy or a natural, just-picked bridal bouquet add an extra touch of magic.

Affectionately known as the Christmas Rose, this name tends to refer to the Niger variety which is available slightly earlier than others in November. The remaining varieties can be found from January through to March with a few exceptions like the Argutifolius being available all year round.