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Our adventures in floristry...

Stem of the Month: February

Frittalaria is a bell-headed beauty that comes in a number of guises. Out of all the flower varieties we know, it's probably the most varied in its appearance, so much so that you would never realise that some of the flowers in this family were related to each other. One of our favourite varieties is the small but perfectly formed Fritillaria Meleagris; with its snake-like print and bowed head, it definitely belongs in the perfect fairytale garden. Ideal for use in small jar arrangements, posies and bridal party bouquets, it adds a point of difference and because of its natural colour palette, it lends itself to many colour schemes.

For a complete contrast in size, we also love the Fritillaria Persica for its statuesque column of deep chocolate, wine-coloured bells that make it the showstopper in any bouquet. Ideal for larger arrangements, the deep colour sits well against pale blues, tawny pinks and deep reds. If you’re looking for a more vibrant version to brighten your day, we would recommend Fritallaria Rubra Maxima or Lutea for pops orange and yellow. Most varieties are available from February through to May, though the Meleagris can be found in January.