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Our adventures in floristry...

Stem of the Month: December

Originating from the western cape of South Africa, amaryllis can be enjoyed as a plant or a cut flower, in fact the flowers last longer as a cut flower than when they are still attached to the plant.

Available from October through to February, these flowers are long lasting and an ideal trumpet of colour to bring inside and welcome Christmas in. We love them en mass in tall vases with some pussy willow, grevilea foliage and eucalyptus, but if you do lose any of the flower heads they can be used short in a table display arrangement. Using just one stem can also transform a mixed bouquet and give it glamour as well as some boldness.

A top tip is to insert a straight stick or a piece of straight willow into in the hollow stem of an amaryllis as this stops the stem from cracking and breaking under the weight of their heavy heads of flowers.