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Magic Organic Apothecary

We're super excited to introduce our new range of skincare from MOA, the Magic Organic Apothecary. If you like your skincare products natural and organic, then this is a range for you, promising to pack a powerful dose of mother nature's most potent botanicals.

The MOA story goes back to 2010 when founder Charlie Fowler started out on a quest for healthy living following the birth of her daughter, who suffered badly with eczema. Having researched the alarming long-term effects of the petrochemicals being prescribed, it became her dream to produce a simple and effective organic balm to ease the itchiness and discomfort, and so MOA's original hero product The Green Balm was born.

Looking to natural and organic ingredients, Charlie was drawn towards the ancient folklore of herbalism and introduced to the humble yarrow, a herb which can be found lining hedgerows all across the UK and is shrouded in folklore tales having been used for centuries to heal and repair. The humble herb now forms the basis of all of MOA's products, combined with other herbal extracts and botanical oils to help to soothe, cleanse, moisturise, tone and energise. 

The whole range is made in England using organic and botanical ingredients. The yarrow is grown on an organic farm in Somerset with the MOA team sometimes helping out with sowing the tiny seeds by hand or reaping the harvest in the summer. It's a small-scale operation headed up by a passionate team, something that truly shows in the quality of the products. We've tested them all and they come highly recommended. 

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