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How indoor plants can improve your mental wellbeing

Many of us are spending more time than we would like indoors at the moment. Whether we’re working from home, self-isolating, home-schooling, looking after a loved one or following government guidelines.

But that can lead to anxiety and stress, something many are suffering with right now. So, with the focus on dealing with a second lockdown and it being International Stress Awareness Week 2nd to 6th November, we started chatting in our Winchester shop about the benefits plants have on us. Can they really help our mental health and well-being?

With so much uncertainty, the mental health of many is in sharp focus, so now’s a good opportunity to remind ourselves to do what we can to take care of ourselves, but also to check-in with others, family, friends, the wider community. Those we’re not seeing as often we did; living alone, struggling with work, struggling without, anxious about the future or grieving for a loved one.

Indoor plants and mental health

But nature’s spoils have an important role to play too.

Research suggests that indoor plants have a positive impact on wellbeing. They improve mood, productivity, attention span and reduce stress levels. One study reported a decrease in blood pressure, fatigue and headaches by up to 25%. Even post-op patients commented that they suffered less pain with plants in the room.

It’s shocking, but millions of people die (worldwide) every year because of indoor air pollution. Pollutants more concentrated due to a mix of outdoor-derived compounds like; nitrous oxides and carbon monoxide and indoor-derived contaminants, emitted from furnishings, detergents, paints and bio-aerosols.

Our advice? Ventilate those indoor spaces by opening the windows and introduce a selection of the right air purifying plants to help boost much-needed health benefits. Obviously, the more plants you introduce, the more likely the air quality and your overall well-being will improve.

We suggest choosing easy to grow houseplants, which are simple to maintain and tough enough to put up with shady spots and the heating going on and off through a 24-hour cycle. Please ask if you’d like help selecting the perfect plant for your indoor space!

Another chance to get closer to nature is to download the mindfulness app Headspace. In conjunction with the BBC, they have developed a fully immersive trip to the natural world, talking you through a relaxing journey, reliving the sights and sounds of life on our planet (without leaving the house!)

Catkin & Pussywillow offers a wide range of indoor plants and flowers to brighten your day and we're happy to make suggestions about plants to improve your air quality and help your mental wellbeing.