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Our adventures in floristry...

Foliage of the Moment: Mimosa

Mimosa is native to tropical and subtropical areas throughout both hemispheres, and so named because of the movement of the leaves in certain species that 'mimic' animal sensibility and respond to touch by closing up. We love them for their beautiful feathery leaves, delicate, often brightly coloured flower-heads, and the variety of colour they offer from silvery grey greens through to bright and pastel tones.

Flowering mimosa is most popular and more commonly known, making an appearance between February and April with bright yellow and wonderfully scented flowers. However, over the past decade the foliage has grown in popularity among florists, our favourite varieties being Mimosa Balleyana and Mimosa Dennis Boden.

The foliage is at its best in the cooler months, available from October onwards, however, growers have responded to increasing demand meaning that with each season passing the plant further establishes itself and in turn the seasonality is extended.

We love weaving mimosa into bouquets and arrangements for added tone and texture. But it's such a beautiful foliage that we also think it would look great on mass, perhaps a couple of varieties combined, for a striking green arrangement in the home.