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Bring In Spring With These Classic Blooms

spring bloom blog post

With Spring just around the corner, we're stocking up on the loveliest Spring bulbs and planters. So whether you're looking to brighten up a Wintery corner, or for a sunny Spring bouquet to make someone smile, scroll down for some tips & tricks to make them last!

spring blog post hyacinth


  • In containers, apply a liquid high-potassium feed, such as tomato fertiliser, from early spring until six weeks after flowering

  • No feeding is required for bulbs grown in water in glass vases

spring blog post tulips

  • Trim a few cms off the bottom of your tulips at an angle before you pop them in water.
  • Position your tulips away from direct sunlight and heat (near a radiator is a no no). Did you know if you keep tulips near your fruit bowl, the gases released can also make you blooms fade prematurely!
  • Refresh their water every few days, make sure to trim the stems a little more each time.

spring blog post narcissus


  • Bulbs: place your bulbs in a cool but sunny spot, as the shoots grow make sure to rotate the pot to make sure your blooms grow nice and straight and don't lean towards the light! Keep the soil nice and moist, but never oversaturate. 
  • Cut blooms: recut your daffodil stems and replace the water in your vase every two days to preserve your flowers as long as possible. 
  • Top tip: if you're picking up cut flowers to create your own Spring bouquet, make sure you leave them in their own vase for one day after recutting the stems. The milky sap Narcissi product does not mix well with other flowers, so it's best to leave them to 'rest' for a day after cutting before you combine!