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Our adventures in floristry...

Over The Hedge: Our virtual flower shop is now OPEN!

Despite all the frenetic flower goings on, we really are missing our Catkin community of real life shoppers, who like the bricks and mortar keep our roof on and quite frankly make our wonderful little flower shop what it is. So, we’ve found a way to bring some of our other products and services to you. Over The Hedge is your virtual flower shop and will be regularly updated with what's fresh in the shop, sat on our shelves and available for free delivery to you right now.


We're hoping you use the Over The Hedge page as you do the shop, to browse, covet, connect or discover a little fix just for you. We’ve started a home flower school with weekly lessens available for all on our YouTube and IGTV channels with kits available for postal delivery for you to follow along at home. We’ve extended the range available on our weekly flowers subscription service so you can regularly and guiltlessly receive a little jar of joy to your own doorstep. You can see our daily arrivals of really lovely plants from wisteria to strawberries that we can deliver straight so you can keep busy in the garden; this has been proving very popular already so if you see something you better grab it quick! Most excitingly we’ve added a virtual Flower Cart and Flower Bench from here you can buy yourself a simple bunch or even better you can now curate your own and order your favourites by the stem! And because we want to see you we will bring any shopping bought from the Over The Hedge space for free to you locally when you spend over £30.