Potted Boston Fern

Potted Boston Fern

If you want a reliable and fairly easy care indoor fern then you need look no further than the Boston Fern. With its graceful green, drooping fronds it looks great in a hanging basket or in a place where the fronds can hang down, for example on the edge of a bookcase or shelf.

Like all ferns, they are sensitive to watering routines and the soil should be almost always moist in all seasons except for winter, during which you only need to water when the soil surface is dry. This means you could be easily watering this plant several times a week during hot weather.

They love humidity, so they do well in a bathroom and are best kept well away from radiators.

Comes potted for perfect gifting, or instant impact in the house.

Pot Dimensions:
W 18cm
H 15cm

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