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Yummy Mummy for Mothering Sunday 2017

Catkin & Pussywillow

Yummy Mummy for Mothering Sunday 2017


A very pretty colour and flower palette evoking the happy vibes felt on the first sunny Spring days. 

Shape:  All round, in our distinctive pick and mix style with varying heights, plenty of texture and lots of flowers...!

Colours:  Lavender, Mauve, Lilac, Deep Purple, Peach, Blush Pink and a little bit of Lemon

Flowers *often an unusual variety:  Garden Roses, Sweet Peas, Anemone, Clematis, Stocks, Veronica, Giant Ranunculas, Scabious, Tulips, Narcissi

Sample photo - available from Tuesday afternoon!

WATCH THIS SPACE ... flower work in progress!